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  1. Life experience, I would say. Libertarianism sound really awesome as an ideology --if you don't examine the precepts very thoroughly. On paper, it sounds like life should just be as simple as "You work, you earn; you work more, you earn more. You should always be free to do these things." and then take this to the nth degree. Reality, unfortunately, is just a bit more complicated than this. You can't ignore the role that society plays on the individual, and I think it's really rather hard to maintain any form of libertarian philosophy after understanding this.
  2. Man, I didn't even look at the date. I am not even sure why I was browsing through the thread. I do remember thinking, gee, I thought GP was more to the left. lol. It all makes sense now... except why you veered to the left of course.
  3. lmao, it's funny you repped that post that was 6 years old, given that 6 years later I'm a leftist, and I think that FDR was the closest thing we had to a decent president in the last 100 years. Although I'm still quite pissed at the whole Japanese concentration camps thing.
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