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  1. Thanks much for the rep.
  2. It is a long one to be sure. In it the government puts "assistance" or some such euphemism to help companies comply with the fair share law. It sounds remarkably familiar personally. At least they cancelled the program for now.
  3. Thanks for the rep. No, I haven't read Atlas Shrugged, although I did watch the first movie. Didn't like it much.
  4. Thanks for the rep. It was supposed to be just the presentation of the report that Sebelius' claim yesterday that six million had enrolled included over five million of the enrollees qualifying for subsidies, but once I got into looking at other sources trying to find some perspective on the fiscal impact on the taxpayers from Obamacare, it just kept growing!
  5. Thanks much for the rep.
  6. Not sure what you meant about not letting your post fool me, but thank you for the rep.
  7. Thanks for the rep, bro.
  8. Thanks much for the rep.
  9. Thanks for the high praise and the rep.
  10. Thanks for the rep, bro.
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