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  1. what message is it giving you? Is your mailbox full? You should be able to send messages. I don't really use skype, feel free to IM me on gchat, dcoylemba
  2. Hey, I can't send any messages. Can you move me to a group that I can? Better.... What is your Skype?
  3. I loved your answer to this thread :

    specifically the third paragraph. I had not really even considered that point previously. Well done.
  4. Thanks for the rep. I was a Marine for many years, so guess I couldnt technically be "anti-war" LOL'
  5. Well deserved.
  6. I appreciate the complement.
  7. With respect to the " Is money necessary" debate, you have W-A-Y more tolerance for ignorance and irrationally than I do. I cant argue with know it all types. Patience of a saint?
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