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  1. darn it
  2. Come on. Of course I'm joking around.
  3. Hi CST, I don't know if you are joking around, but if not, what certificate are you talking about that you sent me?
  4. And thank you very much for that information!
  5. Re. your question about what I did for adjusting the size of the image on the breastfeeding thread, if you wanted to include the two images I posted into your response, you just needed to copy the exact code I had in my post around the images. The images were nested in a table which is currently a feature on ODN. It's under the Bold button. If you go and review your post, under the edit feature you will see that there's table code before the images and one after /table. And within the table code, each image has a size: height and width. If you don't include a height and width, the image you are using from the web will be the default size which can be very big. So within the table code when you reposted my post, it somehow removed the size of the image. I just reinserted it.
  6. Okay, in the breastfeeding thread you put an image of a bikini clad woman in one of your posts. When I responded to it, the image came along with the quotes at its original size, but when I hit "Submit" it exploded to at least three times its original size. Now when I look back at that post, the image is back to its original size. Did you do that, and if so how, for my own future reference. There are, for me still so many mysteries attached to the way ODN works, and I hate to pass up any opportunity to get rid of one of them.
  7. "genitals up for grabs"? Seriously, you couldn't find a better way to phrase this idea?

    Loved it.
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