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  1. Thanks for the rep. always love to get your feedback
  2. Thanks for the rep
  3. Thanks for the rep man, that meant a lot.
  4. Thanks for your service. Happy Memorial day.
  5. Conversions of that nature usually make interesting reads. In the spirit of gift exchange,
  6. Link
    Its a tragedy that I can't rep this informative post. ... a real tragedy.
  7. .I'll one up you on the depression front...
    Your dodging bullets for him to be able too.

    No worries, I love and appreciate you and yours sacrifice enough for myself and a few libs.
  8. Look who showed up.. van
  9. you deserved rep for the Roman exchange alas I was out. I really enjoyed the light hearten yet thought provoking exchange with you. If only all the other topics on ODN went as well.
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