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  1. Thanks, LP. Btw, I am playing Travian again, and my friend that took over your account last time is playing as LadyPhoenix again.
  2. Maybe. I fixed it!! Just a couple of clicks for me from your profile, so I took the liberty. In future, if you want to change which group you identify as... it's in your userCP under Permission Groups... It's all the way at the bottom.
  3. I think it's cause I was a mod, and maybe someone removed me so I defaulted back to this?
  4. Hey there! Hows come you don't show yourself as a reg (i.e. with a green name)? Is it... intentional?
  5. Even as an atheist, I thought the show was pretty good. Sad it only lasted a couple of seasons.
  6. I'm familiar with the show, but never watched it. I think it might have been on during a time period when I didn't have t.v. Even after that, there was a long time period when I had t.v., but not cable.
  7. Ha, you're quite welcome. I was like, "I repped her???" Seriously though, ever see Joan of Arcadia??
  8. Btw, thanks for the rep.
  9. Absolutely.
  10. I didn't want to derail your thread, and I'm sure this has been debated before, but don't you think it takes a certain amount of faith to believe there is no God? One can't really prove there is no God, but just has to "believe" it?
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