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  1. Thanks for your support and contribution to the thread. It is greatly appreciated, and very encouraging. It's an interesting approach that I don't take very often so, really just seeing where it leads. However it is clear that the agnostic can't allow himself to accept the definition, because it means they inherently must abandon their position. Which, is probably just a reflection of the weakness of their position to begin with. So many debates occur without putting the cards on the table so to speak. As you said, we are defending the Christian God and coming from a position of divine revelation. That is my problem with saying all religions have the same "kind" of evidence. I don't think they are. .. but we will see how it plays out in the thread. Thanks again.
  2. Good points. I think Frank ran from the argument. His position was poorly thought out and he was denying his presuppositions at the same time affirming them, IMO.

  3. Thank you for your support yet once again!

  4. Thank you, MindTrap!
  5. Thank you once again, MindTrap!
  6. Thank you once again for liking the post!
  7. I appreciate it. As to ODN changes.. I'm not sure. We will all just be surprised.
  8. PS. I've tried the "Post Thanks" button but nothing happens.

  9. Thank you for the "like" of my post. I don't know how to acknowledge this except by sending you a message.

    BTW, when is this forum shutting down for good? Does anyone know?
    It is too bad because the toolbar is the best I've seen in any debate forum.

  10. Your welcome. We can often forget that other people are reading our posts, other than just our opponent. I hope to encourage you as much as is possible, and while the reputation system has limits, the like and thankyou option I try to use liberally. I have really appreciated your input, and think you are on generally firm footing.
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