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  1. No, just curious.

    Also, I forgot you live in the Chi-town area.
  2. Good music...or is it wrong to assume that someone in Chicago must appreciate great blues?
  3. Yo. What's this?
  4. All of the games you mentioned have definitive conclusions. In baseball, each inning has a definitive conclusion.

    This is not the case on ODN. I assume you've been around long enough to know that.

    I'm not sure I buy your assumption that protesting a call is akin to neg repping.

    Regardless, in many sports, there are certainly instances where an official's bad call is discussed and maligned long after the game is over. Indeed, the official's reputation suffers (in some cases, rightfully so) because of this.
  5. As far as analogies, golf, tennis and a myriad of other games are not played with a clock, but in these games, good sportmanship prevails. You don't see managers and players coming out in the 9th inning to protest a call or play made in the 3rd. a form of etiquette. Etiquette that should be used here by people who have been around long enough.
  6. What sarcasm? I simply explained why your analogy sucked. Are you actually contesting that?
  7. Blah Blah blah....sarcasm is the last refuge of the loser.
  8. Nope. Games have precise time constraints. After the buzzer sounds, the game is over. There is no such buzzer on ODN.
  9. Sorry, neg repping a post when it is months old is akin to calling a foul after the game is finished.
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