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  1. I fold. But it was a grammar error and not a spelling one. Plus:

  2. And I was testing you.

    ^^ I call BS.
  3. No. Grammar fail. And I was testing you. You mad?
  4. They may have reach their own, individual peak, but not THE peak.

    You clearly meant to say reached but you left out the d. Spelling fail. You mad?
  5. Dealt with.
  6. You need to expand on your post regarding Sexual Bracketing or I'm going to ding you for spam, which will probably trigger a ban given the points you have right now.

    Explain what you mean and support it. Maybe quote the relevant portion. The blurb speaking generically to the entire post ain't gonna cut it.
  7. Well, anyone who's faced him "could" have beaten them if they woulda shoulda coulda. But Randleman's days are numbered at best at this point. He's done in this sport. The guy's my age (a little older, in fact), and he AIN'T no genetic freak Randy Couture.
  8. Yeah I've seen that several times. Call me crazy but I think Randelman could have won that fight if he would've tried a little bit harder. In fact, Kevin could be a force to be reckoned with if only he'd get his mind right.
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