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  1. I am enjoying our debate about pit bulls. While I do not have any educational expertise with animals, I have thoroughly researched the pit bull type. I have worked extensively training dogs and know a little about dog behavior. I have also been working closely with "For the Love of Dog," a pit bull/Rottweiler rescue in the New England area. Thank you very much for the message! I hope to debate many more issues with you.
  2. welcome to ODN, late as that may be. I know we are conversing in the "pit-bul fallacy" thread, and I wanted to give you a bit of background on myself. On ODN I am probably the second in line for the "most experience with animals". Scarlet being #1, as I think she is a veterinarian (if memory serves). My experience comes from growing up on a farm, hunting and general southern living. I disagree with Scarlet a lot on the subject. Basically, I have some experience though I don't claim "professional" knowledge. Just and FYI as we discuss animals. That I have lots of experience with a lot of different animals.
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