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  1. Hehe will try - maybe record my self with my phone. You should have seen my knuckles - it looked like I fought with Mike Tyson.
  2. You really should set up a video camera next time. Let us all join in on the fun
  3. Nope, I think I would have been quite entertaining at that stage. haha
  4. Hahahahahaha. Is it wrong that I would have loved to have seen that? Aspo cursing out a sink HAS to be fun.
  5. It is going well, considering I had to do plumbing in the bathroom just now. If women were plumbers, I bet the design of basins would have been better and more user friendly. I think I invented a few new swear words tonight.
  6. Ooo cold. I'm so jealous. I want cold weather! We got stationed in Las Vegas. I hate it here. Too many people and way too big. Too busy. We've been here a year and I hope we won't be here too much longer. How's the job and family?
  7. You won't believe it - but it is kind of cold here. Some parts of South Africa got heavy snow - and the Limpopo Province feels the cold although we don't get the snow. Have you moved somewhere else?
  8. I'm doing alright. Trying to get used to 116 degree heat. It's not working so far. How's things in Africa?
  9. I am good thanks and you?
  10. Hey Aspo! How have you been?
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