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  1. How goes the pursuit of $?
  2. Making $.

  3. yeah...what've you been up to?
  4. Hey, dude. What's crackin'?

    I presume your visitor message alludes to my posting hiatus?
  5. wake up!
  6. It's all about the business model: leveraging vertical marketing.
  7. PS. You can PM me any private information that you don't want to share on my board. At the end of the day, money talks. Everything else walks.
  8. Maybe if I had someone to run it for me, if that's even possible. I'm about to rape another market right now. That's guaranteed money for me - can't pass that sh*t up, bro.

    How much are you making now?
  9. Training was awesome today. It was the second to last one she is going to do for two years so I feel privileged to have been there. ready to get started?
  10. HA! I went from a smart ass to a dumb ass in a matter of hours...
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