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  1. What's "bletch" precious? Hahahahahahaha

  2. That is the way I would do it. I think the state does need to record parentage and custody and recognize domestic partnership contracts. Marriage is kind of a short hand for a lot of meaningful social institutions. The thing is, to change a nation and a culture that much in a rapid time frame is probably impossible. Then again, you never know till you try it.
  3. "I advocate extending the marriage laws to gay couples as a further enhancement of personal liberty in america." I would offer that perhaps the enhancement of personal liberty would be to, rather than add more laws, repeal the laws which create such restrictions in the first place... i.e. get state the heck out of private matters such as "marriage." Like... removing the legal benefits of being involved in a "marraige." In that way, whoever wants to recognize marriage or not recognize marriage is free to do so without infringing upon anyone else.

    Just thinking out loud.
  4. I always make sure I hit "View Conversation..." So I can see all of both of our replies and not have to worry about posting in the wrong place. Because seriously, I do the same thing, even today. Don't feel bad about that... AT ALL! I'm just giving you hell cause you're the noob. Muahahaha
  5. Heh, yes that interface often confuses me.
  6. Dude, you replied on your own profile!! Hahahahahahaha
  7. Scratch that, I found it. Wasn't hard. You run WordPress but don't have a "hey, sign up here option..." Such a shame!!
  8. But....... you have a blog???
  9. I will commence in saying "what the frell??" to everything you say...
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