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  1. And now I just saw the rep, and comment. So thanks for the rep, and forget the question in my other vm.
  2. Thanks for the recent "Likes", Sig. Is it that you like extremely verbose posts that barely remain on topic, or what?
  3. Thanks for the info, and the speedy reply.
  4. Since I've been gone it appears there's been a substantial change to the site as regards "reputation"s given and received. I was wondering if, when you have the time, you could explain the changes to me. I searched "reputation", but didn't find anything current. I saw that yesterday you clicked a "Likes" for a post of mine. I'm not sure what that means, but it sounds positive, so thanks.
  5. Thanks much for the rep. I only had lots to say because I was responding to someone with lots to say; the difference being you have a knack for saying it in few words that I seem to lack.
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