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  1. Yeah, I'm with you there. I think we're agreement, generally speaking. The thing being investigated isn't a crime, but there are reasons to think crimes have been committed, hence the special investigation.
  2. Hey Dio, nice to see you in the waning days. Mind you, I think Trumps wishy-washy non-effective use of power kind of helps him here. Nixon raised the stakes and got called for it. Trump is kind of playing out the game slowly, dragging along.
  3. I mean, was Nixon being investigated for a specific crime?
  4. Yep. Funny thing is, after his fit, he went and read my response and posted a rebuttal on my definition of Ad Hom. Classic! Had to rub his face in that just a tiny bit.
  5. No problem. I figured you might. It gets frustrating to express a clear position of neutrality only to be accused of being biased and uncritical regarding it.
  6. Indeed, apparently we have lost all capacity to think critically. It's a shame because I used to enjoy it so.

    Thanks for the humor! Kind of need a dose of that after that thread.
  7. So you mean to tell me that when I describe in advance of opening a box what I want to find in that box, that I'm perhaps admitting a bias towards what I want to find in that box? What a closed-minded, uncritical, unreasonable, illogical person you are. Tsk, tsk.
  8. Haha yeah, I hate when that happens. You do your best (and by 'you' I mean YOU, Sigfried - because I'm a incredulous hothead) to come across like a thinking person who can carefully consider the strengths of this argument or that, all the while holding the banner for your position in the hopes that people will follow your example...

    ...then along comes the guy who just has to **** in the punchbowl...
  9. Thanks for the vote of encouragement Dio. Sadly I think Shrike managed to just take a dump on my parade with his follow up post... They are going to rip him to bits and will be able to say "see, this is the real face of atheism and it sure as hell isn't tenable"

    I only get atheist reps in religious debates (so far as I can remember). In the political ones there is some crossing the isle but on religion it only goes one way for me.
  10. Hey, you might have a look at the reported posts. Porn spammer is filling up the front page.
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