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  1. Sure, here is the final round from the tournament I won:
    This one is a more casual non-tournament debate:

    Mostly I'm blogging: is my most active. I also wrote a video game strategy guide and other random things. The new one is my debate blog
    No novels yet.
  2. any links to some? i would love to warch.also,writing what? your road wisdoe? i am working with my bro in law with his book series. i am more an ideas guy then writer, as evidenced here.
  3. Excellent. Traveling around America, plying my trade as a writer. Not making much money but enjoying myself to no end. I've been having a blast doing video debates lately.
  4. yea, doing pretty good. plenty of work to do, couple of projects, and several rl all the family stuff, so enjoying life atm. how have you been?
  5. Hey MT, hope you are well. Saw you while I was taking screenshots and thought I'd say hi.
  6. Thanks for the rep. I'll try to earn more.
  7. Thanks sig, I know this is one of those old issues. I really want the back and forth, and I appreciate your continued efforts at it as well. I look forward to your next reply, and appreciate your thanks and likes.
  8. Thanks for the reputation MT. Your reply was quite good. It finally felt like there was more of a back and forth and I was both making myself clearer and that I was better understanding your challenges. It will take a bit to reply, I wanted to be thoughtful about it.
  9. Read in... but my take is that the author doesn't really get it either. He runs into a certain level of complexity in simulation and then just thows up his hands and says its not possible for it to be deterministic. He points to abstractions and says they are non-physical, failing to realize any abstraction must have a physical medium upon which it is written.

    Here is a version of what I'm presenting. There is a bit about computers about 3/4 the way down. It's long and I may quote it later on. I point it out in order that we can get on the same page... and I forget to do it in my post enjoy.
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