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  1. Welcome back!
  2. Yo man. What do you think of the latest activity in the non-believers thread? At this point, I'm pretty damn convinced that it's unassailable.

    Apok's last post clearly misunderstood it. I am well aware of examples where God failed to convince unbelievers (which begs the question... WHY did not an omniscient, omnipotent deity FAIL?). But the point in bringing up examples of where God actually DOES convince people is simply - and only - to refute the free will appeal. Nothing more. Nothing less. And it does the job perfectly.

  3. Yea, I'm not sure he will. I hope he does, though. He's a pretty honest guy and tends to shoot straight.

    I'm looking at duplex penthouses, brotha. The good life.
  4. It's pretty amazing stuff. I'll be interested to see if/how Yasashiku responds to it.

    So, where you thinking about moving to?
  5. What do you think of Zhavric's mormonism video?
  6. Nice! I actually grew up in Southern Cali, and then moved to Northern Cali when I was 12.

    No, no. Not changing jobs (I own my company, so I'd have to fire myself). By looking for a new "spot," I meant that I am looking for new place to live.
  7. City of Angels in the "beautiful" San Fernando Valley. You're changing jobs?
  8. Nice, man. Whereabouts, exactly?

    Me? Just trying to make money and look for a new spot.
  9. Trying to put together a new home in sunny So Cal. Yourself?
  10. Sup, dude. What's crackin'?
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