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  1. Holy **** man. Welcome back. Stay for a while this time.
  2. Oh, sorry. I'm kind of bad about all that kind of thing. I don't really IM.
  3. lol, I don't think you replied. Do you do any kind of IMing?
  4. It's good to have you back, Don. I forget, do you do YIMing?
  5. Hey man, sorry, I was away on vacation to Europe for two weeks so I missed your reply. One late response deserves another though, I suppose, lol.

    It's good to have you back, man. I'll get in touch when I get sorted out (I just got back last night, lol).
  6. Hey GP, been travelling, moving, changing jobs, etc. Other than that, not much. Did I miss anything here?
  7. Hey man, where've you been?
  8. Sorry, it'll take me a little bit longer to post on your Natural Rights thread. Every time I get a chance to post on ODN, I always find some other thread to post on... But I do have a start to my response. Hopefully I'll slowly finish it in a few days. =P
  9. About responding to "Natural Rights" over "Objective Morality," that's fine, although actually I also have a small thread about "Fact" vs. "Opinion" that I'd really be interested in your input on... but whatever you have the time for is enough for me; it's all appreciated!
  10. Oh, I also probably may not respond to your post on the "Objective Morality" thread (Or at least, if I do, it'll take me a while). Firstly, because it doesn't look like we disagree on the larger issue of the thread, and more importantly, I suspect that I'll have a lot to say about the "Natural Rights" thread that you've created, so I'll probably focus my time on that rather than our old debate. (But again, who knows)
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