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  1. GP, what up brother?
  2. Well, I just found out that House of Cards Season 2 is on Netflix, so I'm pretty damn great!

    Ever since they took Ari Gold and Walter White off TV, I've been searching for a hero. Frank is my man!
  3. I see you changed your name, Herman?

    How goes life?
  4. Yo yo!
  5. Yeah, we do. I don't really have YIM/MSN anymore. Do you ever use Skype?
  6. Heyo. The Higgs exists, mutha ****a.
  7. Wot up, GP.
  8. lol, hey Herman, what up?

    lol, never had sour diesel. Heard it's good though.
  9. Who do you know who can sell money to corporate motherf*ckers, while simultaneously enjoying a blazin' high from A+ grade sour diesel?

    Hermanleadread. That's who.
  10. I just discovered the show "Big Bang Theory" with my girlfriend (I tend to be a bit behind on "hot" things that generally catch society's eye). I think of your smart ass when I watch it (no homo). Haha.

    PS. I'm high right now.
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