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  1. No worries. Take your time.
  2. Re-my apology to clive... sorry for the delay in responding.. just trying to find the time.. "But if we never take time.. how can we have time?", Merovingian.. Ahh the existential struggles of the common life.
  3. Thanks, MT. No worries.
  4. Sorry I can't rep your 4 posts right now.. You certainly deserve it. I'll get to it as soon as I can. Good work, effort and points.
  5. Thanks, I liked it, too.
  6. that is a smart looking avatar.
    I like it.
  7. My response may not come till the weekend.. Sorry for the delay.
  8. Thanks for the heads up
  9. Sorry, I'll be another few days before I respond to you. I've more or less been stranded without internet ever since I got back home from college (well, dial-up). So, I'll respond after a bit.
  10. Mathematics is quite fun, imo, lol. Thanks for the rep.
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