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  1. I made some room.
  2. Clear your inbox dude
  3. In case that wasn't clear, citizenship is voluntary. Discouragement meant people were actively trying to get you to not volunteer, or to drop out.
  4. As a serviceman, I think you'd like Starship Troopers, the book. The movie was awful. The book, on the other hand, is phenomenal. Heinlein speaks to individual responsibility quite often, and in that book the future is a fairly "ideal" mix of capitalistic and socialistic mores, but if one wanted to be considered a "citizen," they had to serve a term in Federal Service. Citizenship was the only way to "franchise," which in that case literally meant the right to vote. Federal Service could be easy (cooking, or administrative jobs), but you were discouraged every step of the way - recruiters were usually horribly injured, and not allowed to wear their prosthetic limbs intentionally. People were discouraged from the Infantry as well.

    Imagine that, people earning their full rights as citizens by something other than birth. That would be a cool world.
  5. You know me very well and nailed it on where I placed on the political test.
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