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How do you quote other members?

When quoting, please don't quote an entire post to make a point on a specific selection of text. It is only necessary to quote what is relevant to your response.

There is a specific "quote code" that is used in the forums. There are a variety of ways to quote a post. You can use the quote icon or use the [quote] tags from withing your post, or use the Quote button at the bottom right of their post.

Reply with quote.

There are 3 ways to use the [quote] tags. How to use them and what their output looks like can be found in the respective BBCODE section here: Quote BBCODE details.

The result, when submitted, will appear as:

You can also use this same format when quoting an external source or person (President, scientist, theologian, the Bible, etc...). This tells all readers who are you referring to in your response. When you do so, you can use "[quote=namehere]" and it will identify the source of the quote to those reading your post. Of course, you must end the quoted text with the closing tag: [/quote]

When you quote an outside source from the internet, please provide a link to that site somewhere in your post.

The debate discussions in these forums focus more on the art of debating rather than proving someone else wrong. Using sources is often necessary, and is in fact, encouraged. However, to give many links or sources and proclaim that all one needs to do is read or review them, would be inappropriate. Use the sources and links as support for your argument, not as your argument. Linkwars, this is not.

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