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Do I have to be a good chess player in order to join the ODNCC?

Chess players of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join in the fun. Whether you are a newcomer to the game, simpy wanting to learn the ropes, or you are a seasoned vet, looking for a challenging match up, all are welcome to participate.

The ODNCC features a player rating/ranking system. You will know who the better players are in the community by browsing the ratings page. If you are new, play someone else who is relatively new to the game as well. If you want the title of ODN Chess Champ, challenge the King yourself and take the title!

How do I start a new chess game?

After you log in, you will be able to challenge any of the current ODNCC members, as well as choose your own color. If they accept the challenge, play will commence. It's that simple.

How long does a chess match take?

This depends upon the players. The system isn't intended for both players to be logged on, waiting for the other play to move (like one may find at Yahoo games), but you both may certainly do so if you like.

It's usually easier to play throughout the day or through the course of a couple days, while you are browsing the forums or debating.

If your chess partner has left the game, or has not moved in 7 days, notify an admin, it will be considered a forfeit or it will be deleted from the system.

What if my opponenet hasn't moved in a long time?

If each side has moved at least once (in other words, the other party has accepted the challenge by moving a piece), and no piece has been moved in over 10 days, the game is forfeited by the party who has not moved. This will count as a loss to the forfeited party, and a win to the other. 10 days is more than enough time to make a move. If your opponent has not moved in 10 days, contact me and I'll enforce the forfeit. Also, it is important that the game was actually accepted by your opponent. You may challenge someone, but they may not accept or they may not make any moves at all. I will delete these games for you, but they will not count as a win or loss.

What can I do with ODNCC's "My Notes"?

This is merely a place for you to jot down important moves, your opponent's moves, help remember a strategy, etc... Anything you like can go here.

It is encrypted and secure, so only you will know what you have written there.

What about special moves in chess?

Castling, en-passant, resigning and requesting a draw are all available to you. Simply go to the Help section of ODNCC (you have to be logged in) to see how to implement these special moves.

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