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What is the "ODN Regular" usergroup?

The ODN Regulars are members in good standing in the community who have been registered members for at least 9 months, have a minimum of 750 posts and a rep level of 25,000 or higher. Those who wish to become Regulars must also not have any active infractions - i.e., any infractions received in the past thirty days before applying for admission. Members of this group can post in the ODN Regulars Forum, which is slightly less moderated than the rest of the forums.

This is a privilege and one can be stripped of this title and its privileges at the discretion of ODN staff.

At this time, the only perk is the private forum. However, we may add additional privileges in the future pending new features to be released.

What is a "Private Group"?

Private groups are groups of link minded members who share common philosophical, political or theological interest or view. They have access to a private forum that is shared only by those with the same ideology. The purpose of this group's forum is to serve as a place of discussion away from the masses.

Members may post links to resources that may assist them in debate, ask questions about doctrine or philosophies without external interference, ask for like minded members to examine certain claims on the forum or even just vent.

These private forums are not primary debate forums, but rather a private forum for casual dialog and/or relationship building.

These forums are loosely moderated. Flaming other members, posting obscene links/photos, advertising, etc... are still in violation of ODN rules.

How do I join the ODN Chess Club?

The ODNCC is not open to everyone. There are minimum requirements to be met. This is considered a feature to our regular community members, and not someone who simply wants to play chess.

Before you can join the ODNCC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a registered member of ODN for at least 14 days.
  • Have at least 20 posts.
  • Not be on probation or suspension.
If you meet those requirements, and wish to play with the gang here at ODN, simply contact Apokalupsis or symantix (by email, pm, or the Contact Page), and we will add you to the Chess Club.

You will need to provide us with a password you wish to use. The ODNCC is not integrated with vb. You will use your forum name, but may use any password you like. Please provide this in your request.

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