1. cdubs
    ive got a solid debate for this manliest of fraternities.

    is competitive bodybuilding the consummate manly activity because of the physical perfection and huge size and strength of the athletes or is it girly because they get all bronzed up and wear thongs?
  2. sonofnietzsche
    Spartans were scantily clad. Does that mean they were pussies?

    It's not as if male bodybuilders get up on stage and prance, like women in a beauty pageant. They're flexing their gargantuan muscles, which were built thanks to their abundance of masculine hormones.
  3. CC
    Eh, I can't stand the shaven bodies and the lotion lathered on to highlight their muscles. But of course a man with a hairy body, though masculine, does not win muscle showing competitions. Still, a man shaving his legs and his pits? GIRLY!
  4. eliotitus
    "Spartans were scantily clad. Does that mean they were pussies?"

    Not in battle they weren't. They wores heavy cumbersome armour and created the best phalanxes, something which was about as close to tanks as the ancient greeks got.
    The Greeks didn't excersise naked although Spartans were permitted just one tunic a year. None of this changing your clothes every day malarky.
  5. Ibelsd
    Anything that requires that much looking at yourself in a mirror is not manly. Prancing is not manly. Taking steroids that reduces your testicles is not manly. OTher than the actual lifting a lot of weight part, the entire "sport" is basically akin to runway modeling. Is being a runway model considered manly?
  6. czahar
    Herman, the Spartans were also boy lovers who enjoyed dressing their wives up like men before raping them. I mean, don't get me wrong. I am no homophobe, but I certainly do not think that type of behavior would fit most modern definitions of "manliness".

    Eliot, one tunic in the brutal weather, nothing to eat but blood stew, being purposely kept hungry just so you would be forced to steal while being brutally whipped for stealing in order to make sure you were sneaky while stealing, having your ass kicked from the age of seven all the way up to middle or even old age - yeah, those dudes made the Green Berets look like the Girl Scouts.
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