Which bong?

  1. Epic
    So, this summer I've been working for the federal government (already done two weeks) and I've been told that I'll get my first paycheck within three weeks from this Monday. When I get the paycheck, I intend to buy a bong (among other things), but I don't know what specific type to get. So, that's my question, what kind of bong should I get?
  2. GoldPhoenix

    If you want something really good, my friend is always talkign about this "Mad Scientist" brand. We have one and it's pretty damn good.
  3. Epic
    Good to know. I've been thinking about getting an ice bong, cuz I'm all about getting the smoothest possible smoke - don't get as ripped, but it's a more relaxed, longer high I find. My friends have told me I should go plastic, cuz us buddha heads drop things and its a major buzzkill if your bong breaks.
  4. Lukecash12
    I'd actually suggest getting a vaporizer. You can get one for under 100$ that will do you good for quite a while. That, and it's healthier, because you are inhaling vapors, not smoke.
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