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  1. onalandline
    I live in a state where concealed and open carry are allowed. I have a lifetime permit to do so, and I exercise that privilege. Who else does so?

    Here is some information regarding the carrying of firearms:
  2. ladyphoenix
    I live in Indiana. Indiana law is silent about how you carry, just that you have a license to carry (so we have a LTCH instead of a CCW). Indiana is also a "shall-issue" state. We both have our lifetime license to carry, and we do, every day.
  3. Scarlett44
    Don't even need a permit to open carry in my state, Virginia.
    Permit is required for concealed carry in Virginia, and I have had a concealed carry permit for going on 5 years now.
  4. ladyphoenix
    One of the reasons I miss Arizona. No permit for open carry. Permit for concealed carry only. And I'm thinking Nevada's law is something like no permit to carry, just a gun registration.
  5. cstamford
    I live in California. Enough said, but I'll say it anyway. Here you can't get a permit to carry a firearm unless you can prove to the Ninth Circuit Court you've been raped at least twice, by Martians, during the first week of any month that ends in "t".

    I probably breaking some kind of rule here, because this is off the dedicated topic of the group, but I just joined "The Christian Group", which seems to be a group where nobody says anything so far. I was wondering how one got the ball rolling, so to speak, in a situation like that. Do you need to have 5k posts under your belt before you get to go first, or what? I've got something I'd really like to discuss with that group, but I don't know how. I'd really appreciate any help along these lines.
  6. Abram
    As for the topic I too live in good ol IN i cant carry a handgun because im 18 but I hunt alot and go out and shoot clay pigens personally i pefer a shotgun to a handgun any day

    and for the off topic person i too am a member of the christan group i posted somthen if you reply with well anything im sure someone will notice eventually and join in "just a guess"
  7. LagerHead
    I just found out about this group. Thanks LadyPhoenix. I live in Tennessee which allows open or concealed carry but only with a permit. I carry concealed 99.9% of the time, except when I'm at work which doesn't allow it. This is my daily carry, Kimber Ultra Carry II.

  8. ladyphoenix
    Hey, yo... Keep in mind, TN and IN have reciprocity... And if KY has IN reciprocity, I'm betting that KY and TN do, too. My mom lives in MI... MI and IN have reciprocity. We drive from our home in Indiana and to my husband's parents' in TX, and we're legal to carry in every state we pass through if we go south through TN rather than west through IL/MO.
  9. ladyphoenix
    I just had a dream the other night, in fact, about having a round in the chamber... My XD doesn't have a hammer... the one major down side. The more I think about it, the more I want to buy my husband another weapon... He's all hot for a couple different Barettas at the moment (the 92FS and something else I can't remember off the top of my head) so I can "inherit" his Ruger P95. Anyhow, about the dream... I find it utterly useless to not have a round chambered all the time. It's either find a weapon with a hammer or move to a revolver........ something else I've been considering.

    You see the Judge??
  10. LagerHead
    What's the downside of the XD not having a hammer? No decock option? I wouldn't worry about it. With the grip safety, trigger safety, and internal striker block the gun won't fire unless you are holding it and pull the trigger. I actually proved this by unloading it and slamming it on to my father's floor to show him that the striker wouldn't fall. It's a carpeted floor so it didn't do any damage to My Precious. Totally agree on the round in the chamber. I won't carry a gun that's not safe to carry chambered. Guns are too expensive to turn into rocks, which are free.

    I have seen the Judge. Not my cup o' tea so to speak. But several acquaintances have them and seem to like them.
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