Greening Out

  1. Epic
    Has it ever happened to any of you guys?
  2. Swindall
    Yea, when I first started smoking it. I hadn't eaten much, and me and a friend had been at a gathering so I'd drunk a little alcohol as well - then he sort of sprung it on me "I've got some dro", so we smoked it. I remember getting REALLY light headed, the whole place was spinning, had to run to the bathroom to throw up. Bad times.

    I don't even have a high tolerance for weed NOW, so back then it was very low. It's funny you should make this, this exact thing happened to one guy I know the other day. Poor fella.
  3. Epic
    Ugh, it happened to me on Friday while I was out on first a date. We only smoked one joint and I've had nights where I've done upwards of 7 bong bowls to myself and been fine. Ten minute (at least) battle to stay conscious. It felt like I was drifting in and out of awareness and when I was aware all I could think was "As if this is happening. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck." Not expecting to hear back from her.
  4. Lukecash12
    My cousin Jordan grew some bud in the hills around the Rogue Valley (in Oregon), and like anyone else from Oregon (especially Eagle Point), he just called it Chronic. It only took one hit, and this was less than a year ago, so my tolerance was just as fine as it is now. I've never been that high ever since, and ended up spending the day trying to make sense of everything, falling asleep and waking up still agonizingly baked, and falling asleep and waking up disappointed again. At 10 o' clock the next morning, I was still pretty high.
  5. Lukecash12
    Correction, it only took one hit to green out, but I probably smoked 3 bowls of it that day. It kept me high for more than 12 hours.
  6. GoldPhoenix
    Sure something wasn't mixed into it?
  7. GoldPhoenix
    First time I ever smoked I had 5 bowls (5 hits, rather). I was baked out of my gourd, jesus. After that I learned to how to smoke proper amounts...

    That's the problem with having zero tolerance and smoking with people who have huge tolerances.
  8. Lukecash12
    "Sure something wasn't mixed into it?"

    That is possible. My cousin has a thing for using opium, tobacco, and marijuana together (I think it mixes very nicely).
  9. GoldPhoenix
    I'm guessing it was a combo platter.
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