Any Growers?

  1. Met7797
    1st off ty for accepting me into the group.

    Anyone out there do any growing of your own?
    It's something i've been considering for a while so any advice would be welcome.
  2. Soren
    I think that Luke does.
  3. Lukecash12
    Hmmm... Didn't see this one the last time I checked up on this group.

    Ya, I have a license from Calaveras county (in Yuba City) that let's me grow 19 plants at a time, but only as much as 10 of them can be mature at any given time. I grow them to about as high as the roof of my garage, and use a drip line, earthworms, pruning and grafting, UV lights, and a plastic covering to keep them beautiful and fragrant. The buds typically get as long as my middle finger, which is 4-5 inches long, and they thicken to 3-4 inches diameter. In order to keep 9 of them from maturity, I deprive them of UV and give them a little less of the treated water in the drip line. It took a while to get past that hump of keeping some of them "young," but now that I've found the right amount of water to give them, I harvest and sell probably 4-5 times a year.
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