Generation Y.

  1. KevinBrowning
    Hey Trend, thanks for joining. More will come soon hopefully.
  2. KevinBrowning
    So, we have a few members now. Maybe we could get things going by recalling any memories of the first few years of our lives, which for most of us would be the 1980s or early 1990s, compared to how we view those years now based on historical knowledge of what happened in the world, rather than our own little childhood environments. Or something like that.
  3. CliveStaples
    Gogo '80s power!
  4. chadn737
    Too young to really remember the 80s, slept through the 90s, I'm more of a product of the 00s.
  5. GoldPhoenix
    The exact same for me. I cannot remember a damn thing from the 90's. Other than Starwars.
  6. KevinBrowning
    How do you not remember anything from the 1990s you two? 22 and 19, you both were old enough to remember cultural stuff, especially from the later 1990s. I still remember Clinton's speech about Lewinsky, for example. I still remember music and TV shows. The 2000s were the start of my adolescence, since I started high school in 2000.
  7. LiberalTruth
    I wasn't born in the US...but I'm American. :-) I remember allll about the 90's!

    -Bill Clinton (I love Bill). 1996 election against Bob Dole. Impeachment. 'I did not have sexual relations with woman, Monica Lewinsky.'
    -Boy bands! Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Nsync, 98 degrees...I'm sure there were others,
    -Spice Girls! Girl Power! I loved them. I literally idolized them.
    -South Africa got it's independence, end of Apartheid - I was there at Mandela's inauguration, although I was about 2 and a half years old.
    Ah...the 90's were so much fun. How I miss them...
  8. chadn737
    KB, did you not see where I said I slept through the 90s?

    Actually I remember far more about the 90s then I like to admit, but throughout elementary and Middleschool I was quite the bookworm/nerd and rather behind culturally. It was not until HS that I actually started to care about the fact that there was a lot more stuff going on around me, but by then it was 1999 and next thing I know the 90s was gone.

    And you LiberalTruth, why did you have to mention the spice girls and boy bands? Yes they were a significant part of the 90s and one which should be banned from the history books. I still remember when Wannabe first came out, the girls at school would simply not stop playing it. Oh and the Macarena....AHHHHH!!!!
  9. KevinBrowning
    Ha, the Macarena. Horrible.

    I remember watching the 2000 election results and being mildly interested, as they discussed the incredible closeness of the race.

    The next president will be the first one I have any real awareness of besides Bush.
  10. LiberalTruth
    The Macarena was traumatizing...I could never do it. :-(
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