Fall in!

  1. Squatch347
    Welcome ODN Vets, this group will be dedicated to us, our discussions, issues we think are relevant and any help we can offer interacting with Vet groups or the VA.
  2. Gemini
    I guess there aren't that many Vets here on ODN.
    Air Force, 8 years (1996 - 2004), separated as a SSgt (E-5), AFSC = 3C0X7.
    Stationed at:
    Lackland AFB TX, Keesler AFB MS, Shaw AFB SC, Osan AB Korea, Brooks AFB TX.
    During my time at Shaw (just over 4 years), I spent most of it in the Middle East. I won't bore you with all the countries. I also spent some short trips in Europe too.
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