Trip Out Stories

  1. Epic
    I walked into the kitchen and one of my buddies was in some kind of trance with one hand resting against the kitchen counter. He came out of the trance, physically recoiling, and said with a straight face and in a monotone, "I know what it's like to be dead." Then he went back to staring at w/e he'd been staring at before I came in.

    My buddy was driving (he was sober, don't worry, we're not stupid) and I was in the back. We drove down an avenue with two lights per lamp post and there were two lamp posts on each of the avenue and one in the median at intervals down the avenue. I felt like it was Star Wars or Star Trek and I was going to light or jumping to warp.

    I was lying on the floor of my room while my buddy rolled, both of us already toasted from two hours with haze and shisha. I thought I heard noises downstairs and that somebody had broken in. It was just the bass from the song were playing.
  2. Swindall
    Very good.

    The funniest thing that I remember, was when my mate was SO high, he literally convinced himself, that the voice he was speaking with wasn't actually his voice. The rest of us were quite high as well, and were just crying with laughter as he argued with himself whether that was his true voice or not.
  3. Swindall
    Or when I personally was so high with my friends, I couldn't lift my arms. It was the weirdest feeling!! But they were laughing, I was also laughing but at the same time, a tad worried. which of course made it funnier.
  4. Epic
    I've had the laugh attacks for sure. One time I seven of us were in my buddy's basement high off of our asses (I was also drunk at this point too). One of my friends said something absolutely stupid and another one of my buddies called him on it and he started to laugh. I laughed at him laughing and he laughed harder at me laughing at him laughing. This thing fed on itself and we all just sat there laughing at each other laughing for a good five minutes; I thought I was going to die because I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe.
  5. GoldPhoenix
    Wow, yeah, no. I used to feel like I was having heart problems (cuz of the whole heart racing thing that weed does), which was weird. I also used to get other strange paranoia, but I really don't get that anymore.
  6. Lukecash12
    Good stories, especially from Epic.

    Here's an inside joke from my uncle David (he used to be a carny, and that's when him and his friends started using it). It all started after they had finished a carnival, and were staying in a hotel in between carnival events. Two of David's friends were wanting some female company, so they opted for some fat bottomed girls (pretty obese), and brought them back to the hotel. The two of them couldn't quite rear up the courage to do it, so they went into the bathroom and smoked a bowl. They then looked out of the bathroom at the women, and one asked the other, "Are you feeling thin yet?" "No, I'm feeling pretty thick." They went back in to the bathroom, smoked another bowl, and repeated the process two more times. By then, the women had left...

    So, we ask each other, "Are you feeling thin yet?" Just to see just how baked everyone is.
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