1. Soren
    April 20th is nearing soon, a holiday for stoners everywhere, because the date is. . . 4/20. Do any of you have plans? (Dr Dre's album is coming out 4/19, just in time! [and that's not a coincidence]).

  2. GoldPhoenix
    Hahaha... 4/19 or 4/20? Since I don't think Dr. Dre trips on acid, 4/20 seems like a more appropriate date of the album.

    I wish 4/20 were on a weekend, but I think I can afford to lose a night for the occasion.
  3. Soren
    "Hahaha... 4/19 or 4/20?"

    Well I originally guessed 4/20, but my friend told me 4/19...then again...this friend is kind of...retarded.

    As for the weekend, spring break starts the day after for me. :D
  4. Lukecash12
    So... Who all headed to Hippy Hill? I took the Bart with several friends, and we played music and smoked just about all day. It's really a great holiday idea, just to set aside a day to do that.
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