Concealed/Open Carry...

  1. ladyphoenix
    I think part of my fear is having the weapon loaded around the children... though admittedly, they'd have the same problem with the Ruger P95... it would just have a heavier trigger pull.
  2. poznetpunk3
    I live in Nebraska and I am not so sure about the gun laws around here.
  3. Spartacus
    Illinois has the most restrictive gun laws in the country. Here -- you need a state police issued license just to own or possess a firearms and ammunition. "Firearms" includes some air guns. "Ammunition" includes includes primers. The only folks allowed to carry at all are police officers and City of Chicago aldermen. You need to be very aware of local laws as well as in some jurisdictions high-cap mags might be legal -- and in others they are not. The same goes for certain models of firearms. My DPMS M-4 clone is legal where I live...but Illegal in the large town just south of me when I go to the range.

    I'm trying to move to Indiana. Where not only is carrying allowed -- suppressors and full-auto are permitted as well. I've long wanted to start a Class III collection. Great investments.
  4. Spartacus
    The Kahr .45 is a great weapon. I carried one in my place of business for quite a while. It essentially gives you the firepower of a 1911 with 8 rnds of .45 ACP in a package that is less than half the weight and size.

    Mine was the absolute most accurate .45 I have ever shot out of the box. Period. It was more accurate than my P14-45 out of the box. Maybe it was just my particular one -- but the Kahr .45 was a tac-driver. I had to spend 4 hrs tweaking my P-14-45 to get it to shoot as accurately....and the Kahr was less than half the price of the Paraordnance.

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