This is when we realize that something has to be treated as it should be. And when we realize that certain truths have to provide benefits in real life, then, the truth must be realized in the most appropriate ways.

This is when we realize that the philosophy is to enhance the quality of life through improved understanding, rather than improving quality of life by improving understanding. In the sense that, improving understanding must be ended by actualizing it as far as we can possibly do it.

This is when we realize that even if we can't actualize the truth by ourselves, but we are willing to make it happen when there is a chance.

It is for us to act in harmony with our understanding. It is for us not to behave contrary to what we believe. Because doing so is the same as betraying our own beliefs.

That's "applied philosophy" to make us closer to the truth exactly as it should be, within fair balance.

Let us try to apply philosophy at best as we can do.

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