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  1. I use a variety of different sources. Including the Gay Patriot, Mother Earth News, English language Russian Televison, Al Jazeera, etc.

    A discerning mind is not afraid of exposure to different sources. Every media has a bias whether it is clearly stated or not. I know this as a former journalist and editor of two daily newspapers. Pikatore, displays an attitude of fear -- like somehow just reading a differing opinion will somehow corrupt one's own principals. Although this might be popular with today's radical left wing PC elite and their minion, a truly educated person can digest information from different sources and discern what is and is not useful.

    That is indeed the mark of a person who is truly educated and not just indoctrinated.
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    You do not understand the mind-melting numbness of conservapedia. DO you know how it was even founded? It's the laughing stock of the liberals. And after reading some of the articles it had, I am confounded by it's shameless bias.

    Sorry, but every time you use it as a source, I will neg rep you.
  3. Where have I misquoted you? Why is it you do not seem to acknowledge some basic facts regarding Georgia and the breakaway republics there?
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    Watch your tone mate, I don't appreciate being misquoted and certainly not in a condescending air as you have.
  5. Yes GP.

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    What is your goddamn problem with Liberals, Spartacus?

    I don't enjoy any aspect of the conservative philosophy, but I would never attempt to state that everything a conservative does wrong is because they are conservative. That is delusional.
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    Thanks for the kind words Spart.
  8. I have avideo fro one of my buddies taken during the battle of Fallujah. They are sitting inside an unarmmord hummvee. My buddy has no body armor or helmet because he hates them and he's an officer and Special Forces and all that...anyway, they are taking extremely inaccurate incoming fire for like 2 minutes when the guy taking the video finally remembers his wepaon is unloaded and you hear him lock an dload. It's kind of like "Oh yeah, I guess we're in a battle and maybe I should load my rifle.
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    War pics: My buddy says he has one of his guys attacking a building where insurgence were shooting at them. Most of the men in the picture are not firing, but taking pictures of an "AT4" (I think is the name), being fired. .. So everyone just stands around, ignoring incoming fire, and watches as the "cool gun"to shoot is fired(even though it isn't a gun but a rocket).
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    Happy Birthday Spartacus. Hope it was a good one.
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