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    Hàn Thạc không kịp phản ứng, một đám sương mù màu xanh đă tràn tới thân thể hắn.
    học kế toán tại cầu giấy
    trung tâm kế toán tại hà đông
    trung tam ke toan tai ha dong
    Rattan Furniture Set
    mu private
    nhạc sàn cực mạnh

    Một luồng khí quái dị theo lỗ chân lông ngấm vào cơ thể Hàn Thạc, hắn chỉ cảm thấy toàn thân tê rần, cả người đột nhiên trở nên vô lực, ngay cả cầm thanh chủy thủ cũng tưởng như nặng đến ngàn cân.
    “Trời ạ, Bố Lai Ân bị trúng khói độc, làm thế nào bây giờ Phạm Ny sư phụ?” Lỵ Toa đă lên tới bờ, lại thấy Hàn Thạc bị sương độc phun trúng nên nàng liền hô hoán lên.
    "Hắc ám vô tận hóa thành hủy diệt
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    Pffft.....please......you're so full of it. How about we pretend you and I never met and go on with your lying self.
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    Welcome back mate!
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    Your opinion on this thread would be particularly appreciated as Orthodox is probably one of the Christian branches I know least about:

    If you get the time to post in it, or even link me some stuff/books on my profile page so I can get some idea and offer an Orthodox voice if you don't have the time to post properly I should be ever so grateful.
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    You're assuming he doesn't need to parse his words. I'm not willing to make that assumption.
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    Your PM file is full, so I'll answer you here. Stossel's interview of Cain is not much of a problem in a stand alone position (although it's definitely not a Cain home run either!). However, when one looks carefully at the Piers Morgan interview (at around 2:05-2:25 on this clip) and then the Stossel interview, in my humble opinion Cain has a real problem; the kind he's not going to be able to fix with clarifications, because the "dilemma" is either he's not paying attention when his interviewers are being very clear in their questions to him (Morgan makes it very clear in his condescendingly annoying British fashion), or he has an internally contradictory position on abortion; i.e., "abortion under no circumstance" and "in the case of rape and incest the families should decide".
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    I made some room.
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    Thanks much for the rep.
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    thanks for the rep man.. always nice coming from you.
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    Hey, forgot to say thinks for the links and info. Interesting stuff. I appreciate it.
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An Orthodox Christian leaning toward a Libertarian perspective Debating all my life. My avatar is St. Michael-Gorbon of Georgia and the martyred 133. St. Michael fought against invading Muslim armies of the 10th century. St. Michael-Gorbon would not recant his faith despite being offered untold earthly riches laid out before him. He and his 133 soldiers, died rather than deny Christ. They truly were soldiers of Christ.
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"I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born" -- Ronald Reagan

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