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    I noticed your post in the "After Birth Abortion" thread. I agreed with the part about the name being ridiculous, but I am also very curious to hear your opinion on the article. Do think there is any ethical justification for a person killing his or her newborn on the basis that it lacks "personhood"? I'm only asking because A) you seem to have an expert understanding of logic, and B) you're probably not going to give me a religiously charged answer along the lines of "God loves and protects the tiniest babies . . . . yadayadayada . . . vote pro-life".
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    Within 5 years...I predict that Global Warming will be considering one of the greatest hoaxes in history...an embarrassing moment in mankind's history. We've seen similar instances of ridiculous scams and propaganda like this in the past (earth is flat, Piltdown Man, Global Freezing, out of oil, etc...)...but this hoax...will take the crown as being the King of all Hoaxes...the one that duped so many.
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    Hey, do you do facebook?
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    Thanks, it's difficult sometimes to be even-keeled in such discussions.
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    haha, well, you should get on it. ODN has really been slumping as of late. We could use the vigor of some older members, and newer ones, too. I really wish we had more credible theistic opponents, or even divergent atheistic worldviews to discuss. I may end up doing that, because it's been a while since I've had a serious debate.
  6. Thank you for the kind words, that's very gracious of you. My eagerness to (at least publicly) contribute my own thoughts on various matters (though never high) has waned over the years although I still greatly enjoy reaping the fruits of others' intellectual offerings. I suppose that makes me somewhat selfish but hopefully also reflects a smidgen of humility.
    Ah, in truth, it's more likely simply laziness. But I do appreciate your encouragement.
    This forum has served me more as a catalyst to prompt reflection and research elsewhere of various topics than it has a direct resource, but it has been a serviceable repository of a sampling of my thoughts in print which is gratifying to revisit from time to time. Perhaps I will post with greater frequency in the future. Thanks again.
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    Damn dude, you need to post more. Jesus, we need someone of your caliber around here more often.
  8. I don't recall the publishers or authors of my college logic texts (that was decades ago), nor those of the other texts I've checked out from the library or otherwise perused over the years, (some of the titles were very generic like "Logic" or "Predicate Logic" or "Propositional Logic" etc.) There are many fine online sources describing the rules of classical logic. I can't point to any single site, but a Google search or Wikipedia should point you in the right direction. I've found plato.stanford.edu a useful reference source in the past for various philosophical issues.
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    Would you mind giving me the names of books and websites where you've learned about deductive and inductive reasoning?

    You mentioned some terms about inductive reasoning (I recall one of them being "cogent"), and I'm curious to see if you could give me some information to further my understanding of logic.
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    True, but we do that pretty often. It's actually why we evolved the ability to speak.
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