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    Hey, thank you for thinking I was worthy of being a Mod and would make a good one I would have went for it, but like I said I have so much going on with another site, not a debate site though, and stuff in RL to where I would not be able to perform the duties of a MOD like I should..
    But I really appreciate the confidence and all

    How are you doing? Have you started back to school yet? Where are or will you be going to?
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    Hey there Sands. How you feeling? Hope you feel better?
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    I understand. As I say; just looking out.
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    Hey kiddo, you might want to re-think that post in the Good ole cops thread. You're bound to get dinged for it. I appreciate where you're coming from, but unless you want an infraction, you ought to remove the ad-homs. Just lookin' out.
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    Dumela LT, wena o kae?
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    I'm just going to keep the stupid name because I'm too lazy to PM Apok about it. >:V(
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    Hey...well, if I was a betting man, I'd bet that I'll be thrown off this website pretty soon. One of the ("conservative"?) Mods seems to be pretty upset at me. Thanks for your thoughts though.
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    "You just shouldn't give them reason to act out throw hissy fits about the foolish liberals."

    Them seem to do this kind of thing at will though.
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    I know the feeling. I find myself dreaming about work several times a night, and being a lucid dreamer, it's not a good thing.
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    I am doing okay girl. I thought you might be too busy. So at least one positive thing came from swine flu. I am really happy to see you again. I am going through a tough time now in my personal life and yes, it is not easy. I do however get a lot of support from my co-workers this far.
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