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    I've been working on, how can we scare less of the ones who come here away.

    We have a recruiting thread for the mods where folks are supposed to go out and spread the word subtly on other sites. Not sure how effective that is. I should do more, but I got a bit burnt out fighting some internal battles with the mod squad. It would be nice to have more intelligent liberal voices around. Or heck, even some moderates like me.

    I tend to look younger than I am. I'm 42 currently, the profile pic there is about 6 years old or so but I don't look much different (except I'm a bit fatter these days).
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    Hahaha good to hear from you, LT. Sorry to say I won't be posting in the foreseeable future. I think I've gotten I can really get from this place. But I appreciate the hello, and I'll look for your book on Kindle (Well done! BTW )
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    First. (person to post on you visitor message page in six months)

    What up, bi*ches.
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    lol, me too.
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    I am still alive and somewhat healthy. Eating some meatballs right now. Otherwise, just waiting for school to start.

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    Yes, it would have been regrettable.
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    I love scotch. =P
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    Really, when I was organising a competition between myself and a nearby girls school they had a way bigger turn out. But then I probably actually advertised it was happening better in their school. Well in the English Speaking Union I only made it to the second round of four because we were reserve team to go through against the one that actually won the competition (which contained one of the guys who won a separate competition for individual debater). I didn't whine about the competition or the fact that we had nothing to respond against because a swing team was put as our opponents that knew nothing of the issue we were meant to be debating. I fought on to reserve in that round (despite it being the second time I'd ever debated [the first was the round before]) and we're coming back and aiming for the National Finals this year.
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    Pah my debate club owns. And I founded it. We have to do it at lunch time. My procedure for securing a room is tell the teacher in charge of that department the day before that 30 guys are going to turn up to debate in room X, then say thanks for letting us use the room. I forced everyone in both boarding houses under 14 to take part in my chorus for house elocution last year and numerous sporadically chosen besides. People like me end up leading because we know how to work people. We know how to make them do what we like.

    And that's why you'll fail
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    It is a pretty fun system. It really should be more wide-spread IMO. The competitions always make for good fun and en mass participation. It seems I keep falling in to leadership roles out of sheer willingness to help out. It comes back to bite me in the ass when I look at my calendar containing everything I have to do and think how on earth I can fit so much ink on so little space.

    Pfft, silly socialists and their anti-authoritarian ways...
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