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    Thank you for the rep.
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    You do good work here.
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    Thanks much for the rep. Boy, how did you ever stumble across a two and a half year old post of mine?
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    i see how you can think that, but i have 2 reasons for that: #1: it wasn't random, i just posted on a lot of topics i like to talk about, you don't need to write an essay to get a point across, and #2: i tend to be a man a few words when it comes to politics and such. if you don't like that, that is fine. as a libertarian, i support your right to freedom of speech
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    thank you for the rep evensaul, sorry about my lack of caps. i am operating on what i learned in an eighth grade typing class back in 1963. i have only the alphabet down by touch and have to search for things like numbers and punctuation beyond periond and comma. to stop and look for the shift button tends to interrupt my "flow". aslo, the use of all lower case has kind of become a signature. so, soory if the lack of caps bothers you. but that is just who i am.
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    Thank you for the rep, Evensaul. I also have to commend you on conceding. That was truly noble of you!
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    Ill reply back soon on our liberal/conservative discussion. I just haven't had the time lately to write any big post.
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    Thanks for the rep. It was much appreciated.
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    Thanks for the rep and the kind words.
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    Thanks for the Rep+
    i think it was my first one
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