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    Thanks for the rep. I really want to unload on a few of the people that have been spouting off this whole "conservatives are racist extremists" thing for ages.

    Shame that none of them seem to have the courage of their convictions.
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    Party in the chatroom, buddy!
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    Hey there! In the thread about islam and violence... Could I convince you to quote someone or something so I have some context about what you're replying to? Your most recent post in there has me a little confused.
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    Thanks for the rep.
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    Why on EARTH would it disgust me?
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    No biggie. I'll handle it.
  7. Whoops, I accidentally "reported" your message when I thought I was replying, saying


    Thanks Dio, I do appreciate that!"

    Oh well.
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    I figure I owe you one for having to get all snippy in a thread, so here's something you ought to pass along to your friends.

    Warning: Email Scam - Spread the word!

    I usually don't propagate this sort of tripe, but in this case I thought this particular scam was serious enough to warrant a response. The threat is as real as it is terrifying.

    If you receive an email from an unknown sender titled "Nude photos of Nancy Pelosi!!!", DO NOT click on the link provided in the email.

    It is a malicious link that will direct you to a site containing nude photos of Nancy Pelosi.

    Consider yourself duly warned.
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