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    Hey, it's good to see you back on ODN. You should stay more often hahaha! Cheers bud.
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    Hey, how've you been?
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    That's interesting. But what's your official area of study and in which year of study are you in? Also, what do you plan on doing with your degree?
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    Yeah in Quebec, the legal drinking age is 18. Montreal is a very good destination so you should check it out. As is Vancouver, British Columbia on the west side of Canada, although I've never been there before. I do plan on going one day.

    Concerning the states, I've been to Detroit Michigan many times since I was young but that's about it. The only drawback to the states is that the legal age is 21. But I do hope to travel and see more cities and states in the US when I'm older.

    On a more personal note, how come you traveled to China, if you don't mind me asking? China is a fascinating country to explore but I rarely here of Americans choosing China as one their travel destination.
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    Actually, NBA in Canada is rare (considering the Raptors are the only NBA team after Vancouver was transferred to Memphis). Thus there's a big demand for watching them play. Canada's value in the NBA is eleventh overall according to stats on forbes. So the Raptors are a relatively big market here in Canada and in the NBA in general.

    Toronto is a good city. Very diverse. Our downtown core is vibrant. Many Americans come up here to party, or to have a good time. And unlike the United States, Canada didn't get hit as hard by the recession, so economic wise, it's a sound place to invest and to live. Crime wise, we still have some neighbourhoods that have a bad reputation, but overall, Toronto is one of the safest cities in all of North America. Like any major city, it has its downfalls (traffic is killer). But overall, it's not too bad to live in.
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    We here in Toronto can't stand Bosh anymore. Not because he left, but because how happy he was too leave (and all the immature tweets he was posting about how happy he was to leave Toronto). I think even that could be forgiven. But the fact that he said he regretted not making this decision 3 years earlier (meaning he basically regrets signing and playing those three years with Toronto) is an insult. I think he's highly overrated. He only shined in Toronto because no one else was really that good. I mean, you had O'neal play for a bit and also Marion, but they were short term and that's about it. He's not a "franchise player". He's a type of guy that needs someone great on his team to win a championship. He can't do it by himself. Now we have Bargnani as our team leader. Let's see how that guys (I'm not holding my breath). Anyway, I want to see Celtics take back that championship. The addition of Shaq wasn't too bad either (can't believe the old man is still playing lol).
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    Oh well welcome back then!

    I agree. I don't think they're gonna get very far. And even if they do, it's not Lebron's team, it's Wade's. So the pride of leading a team to win in the NBA championships is now gone for Lebron, because he sold that to play for two of his friends. My prediction is that Wade will average about 21ppg, Lebron 18-19 ppg, and Bosh 12-15 ppg. Remember, the points are gonna have to be distributed. These guys aren't gonna be dropping 25 ppg anymore.
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    Where've you been cdubs? Waiting for NBA season to start? What you think bout the mega-trio?
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