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    You liked that didn't ya?

    I see you're coming making your way outta the red. Keep up the good work. I'm back in there myself, but I'll be out soon.
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    I can see this is going nowhere. Please do not post any more messages on my profile.
  3. Go away.
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    I took you off ignore after you came back to see if anything would be different.

    It looks like I was wrong.

    I was about to give you kudos to the "Winning the War against Terror" thread for making a super stab at showing him up. I wrote the first comment off of the "GDP - Failure" thread, and the "Laissez-faire" thread, but your rude rebuke of what is essentially game-winning advice here makes me think you just aren't worth it.

    I guess you go back on the ignore list, until your next time-out and subsequent return. I won't give up on you! (Although, I don't have to deal with you if I don't want, and that's just awesome)
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    I've seen you do this to at least one other person's public profile. Actions speak louder than words.

    I don't care if you call it "paranoia". Your intentions here seem rather obvious.

    Sorry, was I supposed to "run along"? Oops... Looks like you can't get rid of me after all.
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    Look, dude, I'm extending the olive branch here.

    If you want to get back at Squatch, the right way, challenge him where he hasn't used supporting evidence. Use the "Challenge" tags (if you don't know how to work them, I'll explain) and then he *must* respond with either a supporting argument (based on data, links, articles, or support of some sort) or a concession. Play his game, but do it right - challenge his data with your own. You can't just tell him to shut up and move on... this is a debate site, and even "evidence" is open to debate!

    Simply saying "I'm right, the issue is closed, now get over it!" W-I-L-L N-O-T F-L-Y. You're going to get yourself infracted for it.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if you've never PMed anyone. This proves my point for me, thanks. And I'm glad you agree that I'm not trying to goad you into anything. Whereas you attempt to be disingenuous by saying that I'll look "exactly how anyone out there perceives [me] to look" -- as if people can't (try to) change others' perceptions!

    Finally, regardless of what you say, you will not change my mind whatsoever on the concessions that I think you've made.
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    Contrary to what you may think, I'm not trying to goad you into anything. You seem to be the one trying to intimidate me into shutting up. Instead of PMing me (which is private), you put a message on my profile (which is public). Apparently you're trying to make me "look bad" in front of "everyone else". I don't think it will work.

    And no, I don't have to dream in order to accept your concessions.
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    So I did touch a nerve...

    Do you understand logic at all? Because I don't think you do, to be honest...

    On another note, if you find my "debating style" to be so pointless, feel free to put me on ignore, or just don't respond to my posts. Of course, I will take that as an overall concession to my arguments.
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    Why hello there...

    You seem very defensive. Did I touch a nerve?
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Wil b ignorin(even thou I read him 4 fun) Ibelsd since IMHO he has shwn me that he has 0 integrty in his remrks. Ditto 4 Squatch34 & dont fall 4 his fav phrse of Support Or Retract-its just a game. Dr Gonzo wil neg-rep me, apparently 4 some clash frm da past that I hav forgottn about. He also just simply disagres w/me based mstly on ideolgy & refuses 2 engage in real debat. He keeps sayin that hes puttin me on ignore, which is obviusly not tru. Ditto basically for cds69 as well.
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