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    Thanks for the rep.
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    Confucius Say.....you like guns.
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    I just want to say, with regard to the cost vs. benefit analysis... There is really no "cost" to individuals in the absence of law. "Permitting" CCW is therefore unnecessary. Lack of regulation means each person who wants to carry assumes all of the costs associated with such carrying, up to and including any damage he may do to the property of others in exercising that particular bit of property ownership. The benefits get divided between lower taxation as a result of fewer laws to enforce and fewer criminals to incarcerate, more direct responsibility for those selling weapons to folks with regard to making sure they're stable, and more people able to defend themselves and others against actual crimes.

    I'll shut up now.
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    I'm waiting for the "barrage of craziness" thread to wind down before I expose the smuggled premise in the OP. You're already on that track now. My argument is going to go like this: "The OP said 'I only want to talk about the right,' and then your conclusion is that it IS only the right, evidenced by QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE QUOTE."
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    Please tell me you have pictures of the car. I'd love to see them.
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    ... Don't forget to point out that this:

    I also meant that the US shouldn’t have civilian-accessible weapons at all.

    Is not possible, by any stretch of the imagination. He said weapons, which is broad (hands can be weapons with the proper training) and even if I take this to mean exactly guns, he's never going to squash a black market trade in weapons (which are necessarily available to civilians) unless the entire US is conquered by the Borg.

    Just throwing that out there.
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    It's a back and forth. Presidential election years are particularly fun. We should start seeing some idiot liberals wandering in here soon.... as well as some idiot conservatives. I actually like it when it comes down to straight-out name calling, because it means they have nothing else to stand on. It defeats their point for them, and I just ease those nails into the coffin for them. Not like with... certain someones.... where there is absolutely no getting through to them. If it gets that bad, just throw them on ignore.
  8. Aaaah. Nirvana. I just found the "Ignore this user" feature. During my undoubtedly short tenure here I will no longer be prodded by the mindless. Peace.
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    Dude, I don't want to see you get banned. You're well-spoken and share all of my political views!
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    Hay man, just giving you a heads up. I wan't to make a decent response to your last post in the America Declines thread, but will not be able to until next week. Hope you don't mind the delay. Cheers.
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