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    Hey, Luke. You going to respond to the non-belief thread?
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    If you can, go have a look in "Member Contributed News" at my Kevin Smith's "Red State" thread... I addressed the last part of my OP to you.
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    Luke, I'm sorry, but I just can't deal with the sort of multi-front attacks I'm getting here, so I'm packing it in. This last warning I received from staff for my "tone" in my responses to BigD in the thread "Some Unanswered Questions" was the last straw.

    I just want to say you've been a pleasure to talk with, and I pray the Lord will continue to bless you as you continue to serve him.
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    I finally replied to you in the big non-belief thread. See my latest post. One of the Christians who defended you conceded the point. I'm interested to see if you're still down to hash it out. Sorry for the delay.
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    Sure, I'm up for anything you'd like to discuss...so long as you have the patience to put up with how long it can sometimes take me to reply. I wish I'd seen your debate with BigD about "hell" being a biblical concept sooner. I just ran across it tonight. You did a good job there (sticking to what you wanted to debate) except you let him get away with too many unsupported assertions. You really have to sit on people who make one naked claim after another, as they make them, or you end up up to your eyeballs in them in just a couple of posting cycles.
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    Thanks, Luke. Sorry about the delay getting back to you in the Scripture Corner. I'll try for today sometime.
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    Yo, dude. Just wanted to drop you a line and say that your posts have improved. They seem more organized, more thorough, etc. Keep up the good work.
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    I will try to prepare a definition list from my side for your approval.

    In addition, I will give you my OP privately first for the purpose of making sure it is the idea you wanted to debate and feel comfortable with.

    If you are happy with my definitions and OP, I will then post with you on the FD board that we are ready to start. Then , if the judges are ready, I will post that OP and we will go.

    Sound good? It will probably take me a few days. Shalom, DAK
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    My two cents:

    I personally only consider the set of possible worlds where the Laws of Logic hold (identity, LEM, and non-contradiction), and reject Heyting logic (which rejects LEM), as something which is not logic but something else entirely. Though this is just discussing definitions at some level. You could construct a new version of Kripke semantics where Heyting logic and not Boolean logic applies, although you'd need to fashion new (or extra) axioms, I think, because the ones given in S5 (the symbolic logical language of Kripke semantics) would be invalid under Heyting algebras.
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    Heh, I'm no philosopher. I'm a mere dabbler.

    The problem, I think, is figuring out what is meant by "possible." The usual meaning is "entailing no contradiction." But the definition of contradiction depends on what logic you take; in order to construct a set of possible worlds, you have to stipulate a logic that defines "possible." And what is possible in the sense of logic A may not be possible in the sense of logic B.

    So I guess you could talk about the "set of all possible worlds" being "a world W is possible if there exists an algebra under which W entails no contradiction." I'm not sure if this is a fruitful path of inquiry or not...
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