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    HTML/XHTML/CSS, Web Graphics (Fireworks), Web Layout (using Dreamweaver) and Digital Imaging (Photoshop). Latest projects from DI class are posted in the off-topic forum re: why I'm afk.

    How long has your Dad been doing that? Does he do it freelance? Have a physical location or work out of home?
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    Yes unfortunately. I'm taking 15 credits a college this semester (going back to school) and creating a "start up" company for web design and hosting. Been busy busy busy.
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    Hiya Soren

    No rush I am pretty busy now, much less time than recently to comment. Pleased to see you brought up Gettier, given this, whilst we may not agree - who knows? - I think we can have some more constructive debate than I have had with others.
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    Stop pwning people... I need to spread some more rep.
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    Nope, just on a longer than expected vacation. If I am anything its very loyal to things I like.
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    Sorry dude. I forgot about you.

    Russia kicked ass. Trying to get some more work over there. It was a ball.
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    I know. ODN's monster still grows.

    You realize how many Christians have conceded/dropped out in that thread? It's a graveyard.
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    I had never seen the Fallacy fallacy before. Haha, neat.
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    No change, just making a point to another theist who claimed that God wasn't trinitarian (i.e., the trinity is just an imperfect model for God). My argument was that since the God I believe in is trinitarian, I can't be worshipping the real God (since the real God isn't trinitarian). This would mean I'm not Christian.

    So, the change was for purely rhetorical reasons. Which is pretty douchey, now that I think about it, so I think I'm gonna change it back.
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    Hey, I thought I'd tell you that I finally got around last night to making the reply:


    Apologies for the lateness of the reply.
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