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    Haha.. Well, all I can say is "Read the source your opponent provides!.. BRILLIANT!". Jokes aside, there is a certain beauty in simplicity well done.
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    Ha.. for the juggler I see .. I always try to have my game face on in a thread. The shame of it is that many of my opponents never realize that. As you see JJ seems to be more concerned that I am attacking science as an institution and seeking to discredit his entire world view. It makes more than a few threads where he has been distracted by what he thinks I am thinking. I'll consider the debate "won" when they give a strait answer.
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    Thank you. I appreciate the feedback and support. The sad thing is I'm honestly trying to re-define my own balance.. but JJ doesn't seem interested in that.
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    darn it
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    Hi CST, I don't know if you are joking around, but if not, what certificate are you talking about that you sent me?
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    It is a long one to be sure. In it the government puts "assistance" or some such euphemism to help companies comply with the fair share law. It sounds remarkably familiar personally. At least they cancelled the program for now.
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    Re. your question about what I did for adjusting the size of the image on the breastfeeding thread, if you wanted to include the two images I posted into your response, you just needed to copy the exact code I had in my post around the images. The images were nested in a table which is currently a feature on ODN. It's under the Bold button. If you go and review your post, under the edit feature you will see that there's table code before the images and one after /table. And within the table code, each image has a size: height and width. If you don't include a height and width, the image you are using from the web will be the default size which can be very big. So within the table code when you reposted my post, it somehow removed the size of the image. I just reinserted it.
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    NP: the rep was really for accepting it was a bad argument so quickly. I haven't been here long but either people continue to defend a point or they drop off. So it was deserved for saving everyone time.
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    haha.. no problem..
    Go to your in box, check off the messages to delet (they have a check all button), and then go down to the bottom, there is a drop down menu where you can export all your mail, or delete it.
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    Part 3 - BTW, absolutely none of this is to say that I'm an innocent victim here. I've been the biggest prick in the world many, many times here. It's just that I'm tired of it, and that this place has become absolutely polluted with it. It's no way for me to conduct myself, either personally, professionally, or from behind the veil of online anonymity. I dislike the sort of person that comes out of me while having my reasoning skills "forged"; better a calm, productive conversation in the company of a good friend.

    Anyway, thanks for the comments, and for all the interesting discussions we were able to have. Please do go right on posting. I always enjoy what you have to say, even when (and sometimes especially when) I completely disagree with it. You always make me think, and while there definitely are some better things in life, it's a precious few.

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