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    Okay, in the breastfeeding thread you put an image of a bikini clad woman in one of your posts. When I responded to it, the image came along with the quotes at its original size, but when I hit "Submit" it exploded to at least three times its original size. Now when I look back at that post, the image is back to its original size. Did you do that, and if so how, for my own future reference. There are, for me still so many mysteries attached to the way ODN works, and I hate to pass up any opportunity to get rid of one of them.
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    Thanks for your interest and prayers, it's nice to talk a bit about it, if only to get a very foggy picture a bit more clear. I was so warn out from working all day and then vomiting all night, then with drugs. There was a whirlwind where I was happy to have my mother there. I ordered (read as suggested) that my wife stay home with kids. So that worked out well. I did get the impression that some of the Dr's had disagreements with how things progressed. I am not sure why, I thought it was all handled well. I think there was a change that I was going to go home with a different diagnosis, until I started having extreme pain in my back area through strong pain killers.
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    yes, that is where they poke a hole in your tummy stick a probe, a light and then pull/cut (whatever) it out.
    they were finished in like 20 min that part when really well. Though I don't remember any of it. They let me keep the stones, because I was adamant about that. I mean, if I finally find my marbles I don't want to lose them again. they were huge, and about 5 of them I only got 3.
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    My tummy hurts The poked holes in me, and pulled out what a layman like me would call "My guts". Then they gave me hallucinogenic pain medication, so that when I close my eyes I see things.. strange things man.m (yes, I'm a big baby and I said that a little whinny)
  5. would you like a 1-1 debate?
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    "We tend to deserve what we defend" So compelling yet dangerous a statement.
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    "genitals up for grabs"? Seriously, you couldn't find a better way to phrase this idea?

    Loved it.
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    I don't always agree with your opinions on this site, but I do respect the way you debate. I just wanted to let you know that I respect you for not immediately going off on Alter2Ego when she said "Once I have concluded that an individual is not interested in being corrected and they are only interested in promoting their personal philosophy for entertainment purposes, I leave them alone."

    That was probably one of the most condecending things I have ever heard and I would not have had the fortitude you did to refrain from attacking back. Well done.
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    Enjoy! You certainly deserved it.
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    Appreciate the rep--always enjoy reading your responses!
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