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    Hmm, do you have "stay logged in" checked when you enter your password
  2. Hi.
  3. lol, thanks for the rep.
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    thanks for the rep.. I love my AR-15
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    Thanks for the rep!
  6. Thanks for the rep.
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    no problemo... haha
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    It sounds like we have an anarchist on our hands...
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About Gherkin
Jeez, I'm supposed to put a Bio here?

My parents divorced when I was 7, and both later remarried. I am the eldest. I have a brother 2 years younger, a sister 4 years younger, a half-sister 11 years younger from my mom, a half-sister 18 years younger from my dad, and an adopted sister 19 years younger from the Ukraine.

I became an firm atheist at 14, and was a strict materialist for 15 years. I did not believe in morality. I was raised in a Republican, Catholic family (both sides). I have always been a Conservative Libertarian.

At 29, I awakened, and found spirituality. I sold off everything I owned and became homeless by choice. I devoted my time to exploring ideas - and have become a Buddhist, and I also believe in Christ, and my cosmology is that existence is God pantheistically. My Libertarianism is giving way to Voluntaryism (Anarchism), as I learn more.

I am an enneagram 5w4, an INTJ personality type. I have a stable group of about 15 close friends in my hometown. I have had few relationships, though they have mostly been long-term and serious in nature.

I love children and animals (and they tend to love me too), I enjoy most forms of music, philosophical, conspiracy, and exisistential movies.

My heroes are Gandhi, Jesus, Buddha, Ron Paul, Stefan Molyneux, The Tank Man, Laozi, Confucius, Thomas Jefferson, Eckhart Tolle, and MLK jr.

My activity level may change - it's just a part of being homeless, nothing against you or your topics etc. Sometimes I have full access to a cpu all day, other times I have it only a few times a week. Sorry about that. Comes with the territory.
A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
Politics, Philosophy, Conspiracies, History, Gaming, Psychology, Physics, Music, Decentralization
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He who has an ear, let them hear.


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